The RMA has revised the definition of practical to replant to state it will be considered practical to replant through:

1) the final planting date if no late planting period is applicable;
2) the end of the late planting period if the late planting period is less than 10 days; or
3) the tenth day after the final planting date if the crop has a late planting period of 10 days or more. The previous date was a presumptive date and is now reduced to no more than 10 days.

The RMA also added provisions for determining whether it is practical to replant so that approved insurance providers may consider circumstances as to whether:

1) it is physically possible to replant the acreage;
2) seed germination, emergence, and formation of a healthy plant is likely;
3) field, soil, and growing conditions allow for proper planting and growth of the replanted crop to reach maturity; or
4) other conditions exist, as provided by the Crop Provisions or Special Provisions. This will allow a proper balance between the interests of producers and the interests of the program