Can I pay my bill online?

Yes! You can now pay your crop insurance bill online. For easy access go to our information and resources page and choose your insurance company. Login or choose make a payment. Payments can be made up until the crop due date. If you have any questions please call our office we are happy to help.

Can I insure a spring crop following a cover crop?

If you are a producer in Ohio and you want to insure a crop planted in the spring following a cover crop you must:

• You must not hay, graze or otherwise harvest the cover crop after May 10 and
• You must kill the cover crop at or within 5 days of planting, but before crop emergence

• This rule also applies to popcorn, sweet corn, hybrid seed corn and pumpkins.


• A cover crop could change how your soybean farming practice is classified. To ensure the cover crop will not cause a change in practice:

• You must not hay, graze or otherwise harvest the cover crop after May 10, and
• You must kill the cover crop at least 7 days before the soybean final planting date of June 20.

**If these requirements are not met, your soybeans will be considered double cropped. If the double cropping practice is not available in your county, your soybeans may not be insurable. Double cropped soybeans carry a higher premium. This rule also applies to grain sorghum and processing beans.

Can I plant into a living cover crop?

YES. You are allowed to plant a spring crop into an established grass or legume. If you want to insure the spring crop, you need to terminate the cover crop (such as spraying or tilling) at or within 5 days after planting, but before crop emergence.

We urge you to contact Koepke Insurance if you have questions about insuring spring crops following cover crops. We can give you more specific information.

Can I market my grain using my policy?

The Revenue Protection policy offers you a great tool for grain marketing. Once your yield history is established, you can market the bushels you are guaranteed based on the coverage level you elect.

I have crop insurance, now what do I do?

Just as you would do with any other insurance on the farm. If anything happens to your crop, call your agent. Your agent can inform you as to what steps are needed to file a claim. Your agent can explain what your options would be for different situations.