There is now a quality loss option available. The Quality Loss option (QL) will allow an insured to replace actual yields based on post-quality production in their APH database(s) with actual yields based on pre-quality total production.  This replacement only applies when a notice of loss was timely filed, regardless of whether an indemnity payment occurred, and when the crop had quality-adjusted production.


The Quality Loss option is Available for Yield Protection, Revenue Protection, Revenue Protection with Harvest Price Exclusion and APH plans of insurance.  QL is available for barley, corn, malting barley, oats, soybeans, and wheat.


You must elect QL by sales closing on a crop and county basis and on a APH database and crop year by production reporting date.


QL can apply to prior crop years with quality losses, with supporting documentation, in the current year’s APH databases.


See your agent for more information.